1. The word “tailor” comes from the Anglo-Norman French word “taillour” meaning ‘cutter’, which originates from the latin word “tailaire” meaning to split or cut.
  2. The art of tailoring began as early as the 12th century, as people began to look at clothing as a way to accentuate the figure, instead of as a means of concealing it. The word “tailor” first appeared in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1297.
  3. A talent for tailoring may be in your DNA! The surname name originating from the profession is a very popular last name in a number of different languages!
    To name a few: Taylor (English), Couturier (French), Schroeder, Schneider, and Schneiderman (German), Sarti (Italian), Siuvejas (Lithuanian), Szabó (Hungarian), Croitoru (Romanian), Sastre (Spanish), Krawiec (Kravitz) (Polish), Portnoy (Russian), Krejčí (Czech), Darzi (Hindi/Urdu), Snijder, Kleermaker(s) (Dutch), Alfaiate (Portuguese), Al-Khayyat (Arabic), Chait (Hebrew), Raftis (Greek), Kravets, Kravchuk, and Kravchenko (Ukrainian), Terzi (Turkish).
  4. England is known worldwide for their impeccable tailoring skills, with London’s Savile Row being the birthplace of men’s bespoke (made-to-measure) tailoring. One of the first tailoring shops to it’s doors on Savile Row was Henry Poole & Co, who are credited today as the inventors of the dinner, or tuxedo jacket.
  5. It’s no wonder England has such skilled tailors: in the 16th century, a 7-year apprenticeship was required to be able to work as a professional tailor, each generation passing their fine-tuned skills onto the next. Luckily today we are able to learn from industry professionals from the comfort of home!
  6. Iconic fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen, known for his elaborate designs and impeccable clothing construction, started his fashion career on Savile Row. He dropped out of school at the age of 16 to work as a tailors apprentice. This gave him the opportunity to develop sharp technical and tailoring skills, for which he is famous today.
  7. Celebrated humanitarian Rosa Parks was actually on her way home from a long day at her job as a tailor’s apprentice on the day she famously refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger.
  8. Wonder how some celebrities seem to look good in anything? It’s because they get everything tailored, from shirts and jeans to jackets and ball gowns! Well-dressed Jennifer Aniston even gets her plain, stretchy t-shirts tailored to get that perfect fit. Often the clothing stars purchase off-the-rack is bought a few sizes up to give extra room around the widest part of the body, and then is taken in and adjusted to flatter the figure.


Source: https://bit.ly/2GTrnpV

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