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Cuff links a thing of the past?

October 5, 2016 1 comments

Are Cuff Links a dying trend? (alterations 10028)

 Cufflinks are one of the few accessories that can allow a man to wear a piece of jewelry which serves as both functional and ornamental. (alterations 10028)

Many professional men wear cufflinks with blazers that expose cuffs to ensure that when they bent their arms, the label and design of their cufflinks is quite visible. This has always triggered the question: “Do cufflinks really mean anything in men’s fashion?” (alterations 10028)

On the other hand, it’s a general perception that many men in Southern Africa are loving slim fit shirts.
These are mostly imported from Tanzania, South Africa, China and Dubai. The slim fit shirts do not leave room for cufflinks. This also triggered the question: “Are we phasing out cufflinks?” in the region. (alterations 10028)

There is still a lot of debate hovering over this issue as different people have different feelings with regards to cufflinks.
Local fashion designer, Znzorzi Adby (Tinashe Phiri), said cufflinks have a way of upholding a man’s status and they are still making a fashion statement especially for executive people.(alterations 10028)

“Although, we have the trendy French slim shirts, cufflinks are still necessary because cufflinks can also be very fashionable. Some cufflink shirts come with a turn back cuff while others come with turn asser cuffs,” said Phiri. (alterations 10028)

“The majority of my clients are executive people and they love cufflinks. Many of them wear cufflinks on red carpet events, awards ceremonies, fancy night outings and any other meetings where they may feel like upholding their status.” (alterations 10028)

He said the issue of men’s wear depends with lifestyle. An executive person cannot go without a pair of cufflinks in his wardrobe. The same applies to people who are into smart casual, they can do without cufflink shirts as they can formalize their outfits with slim fit shirts. (alterations 10028)

Adby loves wearing cufflink shirts without a blazer and can still maintain an executive look with a fancy shirt.
In a separate interview, local inspirational speaker and team builder Jonathan Ralph Kadurira told The Southern Times that cufflinks are not necessarily being phased out but they are for specific occasions. (alterations 10028)

“As a speaker, I dress differently according to my audience. If it is a professional or mainstream platform setting I definitely wear formal and may use cufflinks. However, sometimes the audience is a relaxed group and hence I can wear casual and I won’t use cufflinks. (alterations 10028)

“Therefore, the fact that cufflinks are not an everyday need make them seem like they are being phased out,” said Kadurira.
“I am seeing the French cuff shirts particularly slim fit dominating among Zimbabweans and some of my audience in Pretoria, South Africa. (alterations 10028)

“French cuff shirts are not worn with cufflinks and thus cufflinks may seem to have been overshadowed.”
As a motivational speaker, Kadurira says dressing is a crucial part in building a good self-image and men should be careful to wear the cufflinks appropriately or go on the trendy French shirts. (alterations 10028)

Besides being a tool for fastening shirt cuffs closed, cufflinks add an element of elegance to a man’s outfit, so it makes sense for men to wear them. (alterations 10028)

According to Real Men Real Style, cufflinks are an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs.
“Just like buttons, cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button, and are considered a more ornamental option, but they’re not inherently more or less formal.” (alterations 10028)


(alterations 10028)

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